Lessons with Shiriah

If you have not exposed your dog to rats yet, this is a great place to start. Shiriah will introduce your dog to the course and rats and start to identify your dog's "tell". Each dog is different on their natural hunting ability. Most teams will need 3 to 5 lessons until they really start to get the gist of the game, and then then watch out!  You and your dog are going to be having lots of fun!  Shiriah excels at helping the beginning team start out in the barn hunt game.  Her calm quiet approach helps your dog become comfortable and learn the goal of finding the rats in the tubes and not just finding the tubes.  You will find that Shiriah will give you and your dog the foundation needed to pursue the wonderful game of Barn Hunt. Shiriah is also teaching lessons at the more advanced levels as well!  She offers private and group lessons. 

 You can email Shiriah directly at: 


Lessons with Barb Krause

Barb has trained and/or competed with various dogs in agility, nose work, obedience, rally and barn hunt. Her introduction to barn hunt was in the winter of 2018, Barb's dog training skills apply nicely to this sport. Within a year of her Barn Hunt introduction, she has taken three dogs (a Border Collie (Tari) , Poodle (Gretel), and Dachshund (Fire!) from the Instinct to Master level. They all have different styles and have helped Barb be a better handler and excellent instructor. 

As an instructor, Barb excels at figuring out how to get dogs to want to do what we want them to do.  She adores watching dogs figure out the game!  And smiling.  Regardless, it’s a great day if the dog is smiling.  It is great to watch her teams do well at trials, but it’s even greater to watch the communication between the dog and handler grow stronger because of her excellent teaching skills. 


Lindsey is a relatively new trainer on the Barn Hunt scene, but he is excelling at getting novice dog and handler teams trial ready and competing with confidence!

If you are looking to get a solid foundation in Barn Hunt for you and your dog, sign up for Lessons with Lindsey!!


Lessons at other Locations

Lake Stevens

Ann Sperry is now having barn hunt practices in the Lake Stevens area, near Frontier Village.  She will be able to do beginner through Masters lessons.  Ann has brought one dog through masters and has another almost there.  She has lead dog trainings for tracking and trailing the last few years.  Please contact her through email.  anngreenthumb@yahoo.com


Argus Ranch for Dogs has lessons with various trainers.  Please check their website for more info and lessons times.  https://www.argusranch.com/